Edited by myself and Chuck Michael when we went to the University of Southern California cinema school, "The Empire Strikes Quack" started out as a little exercise in editing practice. It features video from all three original Star Wars films edited to the complete soundtrack of the classic Warner Bros. Cartoon, "Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2 Century". It turned out to be a mammoth undertaking resulting in over 35 hours of editing time in the post production building.


In 1996, ten years later, I was able to borrow some time on an Avid machine and re-edit the project in widescreen... this became the "Special Edition" version.  In 2011, I finally remastered it in HD utilizing the Blu-Ray Masters.  That is the version you can see below.


Thanks to Chuck Michael, Ed Marsh, Van Ling, Casey Cannon and Dave Fein for their friendship and support.



The original artwork that I did to put on our TV/VCR stand at the 10th Anniversary Star Wars Convention in Los Angeles.  We set up next to USCinema's table in one of the small dealer rooms, then had to vacate when the traffic became too much for the one small room to handle.  We moved outside into the hall where crowds began forming every 15 minutes for our continuous showings.  I remember seeing Gary Kurtz and Irvin Kershner laughing in one of the showings.  This artwork was "liberated" on the last day by an eager, if theiving, fan.  Years later, it wound up in Steve Sansweet's collection, and he let me borrow it back and scan it.







In May of 1988, just as I was starting work on "The Abyss", we got some coverage in Starlog.

In 1990, after I'd been working professionally on a couple of movies, I broke out the paints and did this...






Here is the final version of the video, in all its HD glory....